SANTÉ Group – improves quality of life.

The main mission of our holding company – improve the quality of everyday life for many people — not only customers, but also employees, partners, suppliers and investors.

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About Us

Sante Group – is a pharmaceutical holding company, which exclusively represents more than 130 drugs for public health from 4 countries in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Who did it?

The founder of the big health family SANTE Group is Shkavronskaya Anna Anatolievna. She is not just the founder of 3 companies, but also the biggest inspirer of the whole holding!

We invested to make you healthy

We import only effective

After contacting over 80 factories around the world, we selected six of the very best. We had to practice logistics to get the goods to our warehouse.

We test the entire assortment on

We self-prescribe medications and apply skin care. Why? Quality and results are very important to us.

We register and declare goods

In the reliability of which we have seen for ourselves. You have to sweat for half a year in collecting documents for each product to get a certificate of state registration of Kazakhstan.

And we don’t just bring in

We arrange the availability of health products near your home and in online stores for your convenience.
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Solutions to health problems

Our Values


We offer only original and effective products.


We are responsible for each other, for our clients, for our loved ones.

Team spirit

We complement each other in everything!

Customer focus

We build strong relationships with genuinely satisfied customers.


We go to the goal persistently, steadily and without giving up.


Improve the quality of everyday life for many people — not only customers, but also employees, partners, suppliers and investors.


We believe that health should be available to everyone, so we strive to offer a wide range of high quality, effective and natural products of pharmacy nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals at affordable prices for every family. =

And here are our exclusive brands

We are exclusive distributors of Latvian, Malaysian, Turkish and French nutraceutical and cosmeceutical brands. SANTE Group officially represents the following brands on the Kazakhstan market:

ACM Laboratoire – French laboratory that has been producing therapeutic skin and hair cosmetics for 20 years.

Yves Ponroy – a laboratory from France, which has been a successful manufacturer of vitamins and minerals for over 40 years to improve the health of the whole body.

Cosmoderm – Malaysian halal cosmetics brand, which produces products based solely on natural ingredients, 100% safe for health and maximum effectiveness.

ACM Laboratory

ISISPharma – French dermatological laboratory that develops effective cosmeceuticals to solve a variety of skin problems.

Orzax – vitamin brand #1 in Turkey, a true flagship of the Turkish vitamin market and the holder of many prestigious international awards and certificates in nutraceuticals.

Sole Pharma – one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical manufacturers from Latvia, who develop drugs with the participation of the best doctors, pharmacists and scientific institutes.

Our Story

We have been bringing health to the people of Kazakhstan for 20 years and we are not going to stop!

Why is it cool to work for us?

According to the results of a monthly survey of 60+ employees

Employees are proud to work for us
Recommend the holding's products to friends/acquaintances
Satisfied with the corporate culture of the company
Satisfied with working conditions

Why is it cool to work for us?

According to the results of a survey conducted among employees:

Employees are proud to work for us
Рекомендуют продукцию холдинга друзьям/знакомым
Satisfied with the corporate culture of the holding company
Satisfied with working conditions


We are always in search of a communicative and experienced specialist who will help us to shape the wellness sphere in Kazakhstan as we see it.

What does he who works for us say

Honestly about my work at Sante Group!
Kamilla SMM specialist

Working here for a year, it was love at first sight - beautiful office and friendly team.

Veronika Customer manager

I love the Sante Group! Responsive team, quality products, cool experience and endless fun of benefiting the community!

Sarah Development Director

I have been working for this company for eight years now. I am inspired by the mission of the company - to bring health and improve the quality of life. I'm glad I came here.

Moldir PR manager

I love this company and love my job! This is where I first felt what it was like to work in a team. I have learned a lot here and am still gaining new knowledge to this day.

Malika Client Manager

My first job and first experience. You could say Sante Group raised me and brought me up. Five years in the company is better than any university.

Gauhar Sales Specialist

I worked in Sante Group for a short time, but in spite of this I have the warmest memories.

    News of the holding


    Today we will tell you the story of a girl who can rightfully be called a self-made woman: at the age of 45, she is not only a happy mother and a loving wife, but also a successful owner of a large business.

    History of Sante


    Entrepreneur of the Year 2022

    Industry Leader 2021

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